Saturday, December 23, 2006

What IHOP kids do

Our trip home from PA last week seemed to take forever. Keep in mind it's about a 20 hr trip by car so keeping oneself amused can be a challenge, especially for the kids. This trip however it was I who was bored to tears driving hour after hour. I had not brought much music to listen to, and what's worse is that I also failed to bring any teaching CD's as well. I don't know where my head was when I was packing. Anyway, the kids did quite well at keeping themselves busy. All of them got a pocket electronic games for Christmas from their aunt. Good stuff like Yatzee etc... As a matter of fact Mrs. Loux played Yahtzee all the way home and became quite addicted. It cracked me up to see my 38 year old girl in her black hooded sweatshirt, punky red hair, funky jeans and Converse All Star sneakers totally hooked for hours on a video game. It was almost like I was the only adult or something.. I heard her say several times " Hey quiet down mommies trying to break 350!"That was entertaining for awhile, just watching Tracie's relapse into teen mania, when I heard my daughter Isabelle and my niece Sophia in the back seat playing a "different kind of game". I was driving and just zoning out to whatever it was that I had in the van to listen to when I heard one of them say " I spy with my spiritual eye".... Yeah you know the car game "I spy with my little eye" and then you say like the color of the thing you see and everyone else in the car try's to guess what you saw? Well apparently being at IHOP impacted my kids a little more than what I first had imagined. This version of the game had a whole new twist ! The conversation in the back seat continued " I see you in a few years with grey hair and 4 kids and ...." The conversation stopped. Mom suddenly snapped out of her Yatzee world series, as she heard what was going on in the "seuthsayers convention" in the back seat. "And what?" I said. "You're gonna have grey hair and 4 kids and what, live in a trailor married to a guy named Rusty?" I wanted to know, I mean I am an intercesorry missionary and seeing that they are only 9 years old, there is still time to reverse the curse! My rebellious Yatzee woman put an end to the fortune telling, but out of it came a great business idea.. "Prophetic car games for IHOP kids". Lenny's gonna love this.

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