Sunday, January 21, 2007

Between Me, You, and the Fencepost

There are days when you think you're getting older, and then there are days you know you're getting older. Recently I've had some of those days. Most of the time, those realities come by means of someone in their twenties stating the date in which they were born, a date which I can remember very vividly. However, I've reached another plateau... Just the other day I was standing in our new house, which room I can't remember... another reason why I am getting older... anyway, I was standing there and I drooled. That's right folks, I just randomly drooled, long stringy drool and for no reason. This has never happened to me before, but I feel like I recovered quite well. Just another sign post on the road of life I supposed. I just quickly wiped my chin and whatever flat surface was directly below it, and moved on. I think I was in shock, because I didn't mention it to anyone for quite some time.

Tonight in the briefing room, after my 6-8PM set, granted I play the 4-6PM as well, so I had been playing for quite some time, my nose began to run. The problem was, I had no clue that it was running until my good friends Sam Gallegos and Michael Tharpe caught my attention by saying "Hey bro!" and then motioned their hand toward their nose thus indicating my dilemma. This was no flaky booger, some hardened, dry, easily-swiped-away nugget, NOPE. This was string cheeze. And I was clueless.

So folks, tonight I sit in my bed and the only thing that sounds good to me is pudding or Jello. I suddenly want to wear a bathrobe and slippers and yell angry rants out the front door at the neighborhood dogs and children passing by. I want to watch cable TV, but I don't have cable. A couple episodes of "Archie Bunker" might be nice right now. I'm thinking about pricing Rosco's, you know those little scooters for old people with the big cup holders on the side. Maybe I'll get an '01 stenciled on the side of it.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Thoughts on the New Prayer Room

Ok so we have a whole new look now. Was it as much of a shocker to you as it was to me? I am digging the new changes, but for some reason I was surprised. Not sure why cause I knew about the whole “God TV” thing, so once I connected the dots it totally made sense to me. I know a lot of people were upset at first. Some so upset that they could have blown the head off a Malibu Barbie from 20 miles away. My first 2 initial thoughts were.. “Wow this is cooler than most clubs I have played in” and “ Holy cow it looks like the interior decorator for the 'Seeker Friendly Church’s of America' just went nuts with a Visa card!" I was truly impressed with the effort towards coolness though. I only have issue with 2 things. #1 – Chelsey Huff cannot sit in the singer 4 position behind the other singers. Why? She is not done growing yet, that’s why! You can’t have one of the coolest sounding voices ever and not be seen! Plus, she’s just way to darn cute, and when people put the face with the voice, IHOP support has to go up, I mean come on! I am starting a “Free Thumbelina Campaign”! T-Shirts are coming soon. #2 The stage/ set up on the web cast looks a tad like the Late Night Show with Conan or something. That’s not bad per se but I keep waiting for a comedian to come on in between sets. I’ll get over it. Not sure if it’s saying “prophetic worship” yet, but it rocks nonetheless. Change is good and it’s good to be a part of it. Through it, all the people remain the same. Sure, we will have to get used to it not feeling like a performance with all the glam and lights but that’s ok. It will be good to work through it and have still have tender hearts when the camera’s roll. It’s good for our identities to be challenged, whether in secret or in the great wide open. Whatever color the paint is on the outside, these people are the best; and I still want to live and die right along side of them.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My new picture !

Well it’s been awhile since I have blogged so I guess I fall into the slacker category in blog world. Notice I now have a new picture! I wanted a bigger headshot so I found this sweet pouty rock’n roll picture. Cool huh? I picked this one cause I knew Josh Motlong would dig it since he has all the sweet rock star moves down. How do I know? I spent several hours with him auditioning potential FMA students and I saw him at his best, my friends! If it were not for Josh making me laugh, I would have quite possibly killed myself with thumb tacs.
Anyway, the real kicker was trying to get this stinkin thing to post! It only took us like an hour to get it to work. It was taken from a photo shoot which occurred during the filming of my first and only music video that is currently not available anywhere, including Japan. My friend Wade did the video for free since he was starting a video production company and needed some more work for his portfolio. The video was from the song “Perfect” which is on the IHOP “Take My Breath Away” CD, which is also currently not available in Japan and possibly only available on the discount racks in the IHOP bookstore.
We shot it in a 100-year-old colonial house. I don’t know who the “Colonials” were, but holy cow they sure do cool things with brick! ☺ Anyway I will post the video at some point but it could take me about 2 months since it took me 2 hrs to get this picture in.