Wednesday, December 13, 2006

December 13th: The Coffee Man

They say you can learn something from everyone, even people ya don't even know. That said, there used to be a man who walked by our house in PA everyday with a big gigantic "to go coffee mug". He was a happy guy who lived outside of town and would walk in everyday to the local shop to get his fix and his exercise. We would wave at him, and the mysterious stranger would smile and wave back. This happened every day for the 5 years we lived in downtown Mansfield. Of course, we moved to KC and have not seen him in 7 months.
Today, we were driving through our old neighborhood reminiscing with the family, when we passed him walking into town for another fix! We smiled and waved to each other like old friends. It made me feel good, and somehow strangely complete. I just wish I was as consistent as the coffee man. Amen, let's stand.

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