Thursday, January 4, 2007

My new picture !

Well it’s been awhile since I have blogged so I guess I fall into the slacker category in blog world. Notice I now have a new picture! I wanted a bigger headshot so I found this sweet pouty rock’n roll picture. Cool huh? I picked this one cause I knew Josh Motlong would dig it since he has all the sweet rock star moves down. How do I know? I spent several hours with him auditioning potential FMA students and I saw him at his best, my friends! If it were not for Josh making me laugh, I would have quite possibly killed myself with thumb tacs.
Anyway, the real kicker was trying to get this stinkin thing to post! It only took us like an hour to get it to work. It was taken from a photo shoot which occurred during the filming of my first and only music video that is currently not available anywhere, including Japan. My friend Wade did the video for free since he was starting a video production company and needed some more work for his portfolio. The video was from the song “Perfect” which is on the IHOP “Take My Breath Away” CD, which is also currently not available in Japan and possibly only available on the discount racks in the IHOP bookstore.
We shot it in a 100-year-old colonial house. I don’t know who the “Colonials” were, but holy cow they sure do cool things with brick! ☺ Anyway I will post the video at some point but it could take me about 2 months since it took me 2 hrs to get this picture in.


Tracie Loux said...

I disagree with the "pouty rock star" line. This is one of my favorite shots of you and i plan to blow it up and pop it in a frame soon!
I like it because I remember the way you looked at me when I shot it. It was a nice look, and it made me feel loved!
but if you like the "rock star" thing, you can be my rock star!
FYI: I'm his wife folks!

Mrs. I. said...

"Take My Breath Away" may not be available in Japan; but, it is available in Pennsylvania! Definitely worth browsing through the discount racks!

Tracie Loux said...

Mrs. I
where in PA are you?
and where did you land the CD?
just curious

Mrs. I. said...

Hello from Harrisburg!
Well....... the CD is available in Pennsylvania at my house because I PURPOSELY ordered it from IHOP. I did not have to browse through the discount racks, but it would have been worth it for myself or anyone else if they had to in order to find it!! I definitely do not mean to imply in any way shape or form that it belongs in the discount racks because it does NOT!! It's funny John brought it up because that CD was actually my musical selection of the day for yesterday's commute to and from work. It was "Perfect!" Have a great day!

Tracie Loux said...

Howdy, Harrisburg!!!
We moved to IHOP from Mansfield, just north of you, about 8 months ago!
We have attended several conferences at Life Center in Harrisburg!

Josh Motlong said...

I have no idea how many times I laughed randomly after the auditions, just thinking about stuff you said or did. We're honored to have you at IHOP.

steve said...

i thought I spotted 'The Edge' at Higher Grounds a couple weeks ago...and then i realized it was John Loux wearing a beanie. you two look alike with the beanie thing happening.