Monday, November 27, 2006

Snowplow Man

I was sitting in the IHOP staff meeting today totally convinced that the 2 hr extraveganza could be cut down at least in half, maybe even to 20 min. Anyway, they were recruiting volunteers for snow removal this winter. It was then that I decided to become snowplow man. I will get one of those plaid flannel caps with the ears that flip down. I will get a shirt with my name on it and I will wear it proudly under one of those long Russian winter coats with the racoon fur necks. I will wear black rubber barn boots cause they are more comfortable than wearing just your underwear and dark socks. I will go out late at night and plow people into their homes forcing them to take the day off and spend it with each other. I will have a villianish laugh as I pull away from an unplowed house yelling " Try to get your 50 hrs in now IHOP'ers ! HAAAA AAA HAA HAAAAAAA!" Goodbye intercessory missionary, goodbye guitar instructor- whatever the heck I am. I have a new lease on life......


Shawn said...

wow. I don't know how many times I've had those exact thoughts go through my head.

Except instead, I'd rather box their cars in with 19 foot walls of snow on all four sides and make them scratch their head wondering how in the world they're going to get into their car and once that's acomplished how they're going to break free of the fortress of snow surrownding them.

Alaska1 said...

I live close

Too funny!!