Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh how the mighty have ..... changed occupations

Today my good friend Randy Bohlender e-mailed me a “Where are they now” link to one of the best singers I have heard, Rick Florian. Randy made a reference in his blog to the band “Whiteheart” that caused a non-drug-induced flashback to my teen years. That band has produced some of the most incredible musicians ever. If you have never heard the album “Freedom”, you missed one of the best-produced albums of all time, in my opinion.
However, apparently their lead singer Rick Florian is now wearing the “plaid jacket” and selling real estate. Now don’t get me wrong selling real estate is not a bad thing at all, but when you have served society by ROCKING, and then you sell real estate… well it’s sad. At least for me it is.
I think I am in a slight depression. I can’t believe this! This guy had one of the best voices ever, and now he is wearing ties with blue button down collared shirts! I just had a Dunn Bros. “Mexican Mocha”, and this news just snapped me out of the nice little buzz I had going. Wow ..... I am going to the prayer room now, and I am going to stand on the “Cool Rock Stars That Now Have a Lam-o Job Line”, and intercede that God would at least allow “Whiteheart” to do a reunion tour where 30-something’s like me can kick back and reminisce on what it was like to have permed, blonde, highlighted mullets that had more height than the Flock of Seagulls (remember … “spray the roots”.) I might pull an all nighter on this one... my own personal burn service.
Hang in their Rick ... It all comes back around baby! Well, at least that’s what Lita Ford claims… Anyone seen anything new from her lately? I think she’s probably singing glam metal versions of Patsy Cline covers in Vegas somewhere.
The real scary thing is that I was never a real rock star, and I had a lam-o job so who am I to talk? When I saw his picture I thought “ that could be me”, and then I realized… nooooooo, it couldn’t, cause I was never an awesome rock star! So from one “usetawannabee”, to a guy who I am sure still has it …… I’m still pulling for ya man. Maybe I could talk him into coming to IHOP and teaching at FMA! How cool would that be!

In all seriousness, I am sure he now has a family and chooses not to be away from them by traveling across the country in some tour bus,
which means that he chose the thing that really lasts- family. God bless you, Rick. You still rock by me bro.


chuck said...

Great to see you blogging. I may not know that much about the aforementioned music nor the musicians, but I do know "Big Time" licks when I am in the prayer room.

chuckscott(short guy with a gaggle of kids)

joy said...

I loved Whiteheart to. Especially Rick and I was bummed to hear he was a real estate agent too. But there are only a few who rock til the day they die.

A reunion tour would thrill me! And "Freedom" was the best album ever.

: )

Anonymous said...

Don't be bummed. He's a good man with a great family and he's still using his talents for music in ways that matter. You can't really admire a man until you've seen him singing "Jesus Loves Me" in the 3-4 year old Sunday School class!

No fears. God doesn't go away when the record deals do. Real estate just pays the bills.