Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can You Really See Me?

My wife and I have discovered instant messaging just in the last couple of months. I knew it existed, but could not wrap my brain around how this could even work and what was it that made it different than email. Quite frankly it's way to fast for me. I mean I can't even respond to someone verbally in a conversation in any sort of a timely manner. Usually there is long pause, with me staring off into the distance, before a response comes from my mouth. My family and close freinds start counting to see how long it will take me to respond to what they said. If that doesn't work, they start to make weird hand gesters right in front of my face to bring me back. That usually does it, but if it doesn't they will say somthing like "hey we're just gonna set your guitar on fire now ok?". I'm back.

There are some strange things I learned about IM'ing. I found myself instant messaging my wife and having conversations with her when she is in the same room! The other night we resolved a fight that we had had earlier that day through IM. Conflict resolution has never been easier! She can't ramble on and I am forced to get right to the point, which in most cases
goes like this ..." Honey I was a real jerk and I am not worthy of you. Tell ya what I'm gonna do though, I'm gonna keep ya on for another 60 day's"! This is the part where I sometimes get slapped.

The IM kicker just happened tonight. Appareantly you can actually talk to someone through I CHAT by means of the computer's built in microphone. We tried it out on our friend Randy Bohlender, and we actually talked with him through our computer while he was sitting at home in his kitchen. How cool is that ! The freaky thing is that he said he could see us ! I totaly believed him cause my wifes MAC has a camera built into it. Thank God he was just joking cause I was sitting there in just a beater, underwear, and dark socks. Oh yeah and I was eating chips too. There are 2 things I said I would never do in this life, lead worship and walk around the house in my underwear and dark socks. I have proudly done both repeatedly over the last few years. Hey when you're older, all you care about is comfort.

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