Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Job In the Millenium

Two Sunday's ago, Hal Lindhart spoke on "The Truth". One of the prayers that he prays is "God, keep me from delusional thinking and all false assurance." It was good stuff!

But it got me thinking of something that happened just a week before. I woke up and went to my 6AM set, and to be honest with you, I was in a foul mood. I was having one of those "tell everybody what you think" conversations in my head all morning. I truly felt like a beast before God. Funny thing however, an hour later, I'm feeling Jesus, I'm happy, I feel connected, I love everyone. What was the difference? Coffee, folks. One stupid cup of coffee. When I realized this, while pacing quite briskly I might add, I practically said out loud, "Oh great the little 'yes' in my spirit towards God is actually caffeine induced, that's just terrific!"

Yeah, sure Jesus, I love you, with a little help from Starbucks. So what if this is really true? The only scenario I can think of is that I will most definitely be one escaping through the flames if I keep this up. Imagine with me if you will... this conversation with the Lord as I am entering the New Jerusalem.

John- "Hi Jesus!"
Jesus- "Hi Son, you smell like smoke."
John- "I just escaped the flames didn't I."
Jesus- "Ummmm, Yeah"
John- "It was the caffeine wasn't it?"
Jesus- "Yeah, pretty much."
John- "So where do we go from here?"
Jesus- "Well I have a little something for you."
John- "Oh really, like being the lead guitar player in the celestial city? Do I get a flying V guitar? This is going to be just great!"
Jesus- "No no quite"
John- "Well what's my assignment then?"
Jesus- "You see that truck over there?"
John- "Yeah, the one that says 'Heavenly Hash' on it. You mean I'm driving an ice cream truck in the New Jerusalem?"
Jesus- "No, not exactly, you're going to be driving it OUTSIDE the New Jerusalem."
John- "Well isn't that a little dangerous, seeing that the nations are going to rage against you sometime soon?"
Jesus- "Yep, could be!"
John- "So when the nations gather, what do I do?"
Jesus- "Drive real fast."
John- "Will somebody let me in the gates of the city?"
Jesus- "Just drive around to the side, there's a delivery gate, someone will let you in there."
John- "Well how do I know someone's going to be there to let me in?"
Jesus- "Oh, they'll be someone there. The same ones are there taking deliveries every day."
John- "Well who are they?"
Jesus- "Bill Cosby, Robert Schuller, and possibly the guys from Stryper."
John- "Well does somebody ride in the truck with me?"
Jesus- "Oh yeah, I've got somebody assigned to you."
John- "Well who is it?"
Jesus- "Raffi"
John- "You mean the guy who sings little kids songs?"
Jesus- "Yep that's the one."
John- "Well what did he do to get this job?"
Jesus- "Well the little 'yes' that was in his spirit, was mostly induced by pot. The 60's weren't real kind to him."
John- "Oh great, so I'm going to have a disgruntled employee with the munchies, singing silly songs about a whale called "Baby Baluga" working for me."
Jesus- "Oh no, he's quite excited. Once he saw the truck, he hasn't stopped beaming."
John- "Well I'd be beaming too if I smoked pot my whole life, ended up in heaven, only to be driving around a truck that says 'Heavenly Hash' on the outside. You didn't tell him it was ice cream did you?"
Jesus- "Ummm, nope, gonna leave that up to you!"

So Folks, I need to make some changes, I don't want to live this dream, really I don't!


Jennifer said...

I hear ya. I had to quit the caffeine for the exact same reason. I realized my good mood cost me four dollars a day at Sbucks, instead of coming from Jesus.

Hah...I like your scenario though...

Sean The Red said...

Well, to be a little more serious than I should here...

This idea/conceot has really blessed me this yhear. The reality is, your spirit is always saying yes. The caffiene didnt change your spirit. Your spirit is always up for God.

Your bodyh caught up with your spirit when you have it a "mood elevator".

But you cannot make your body change its mind anyhow. You can force it to submit to the spirit, wether it wants to or not.

I just dont know how serious you were in your funny story, but I carried around a lot of guilt and such about this kind of thing, and then got really impacted when I realized (I had never been taught this) that my spirit man was born again,a nd even Christ said "It is willing but...".

I guess I dont think we lose anything in the next age because our flesh was weak.

Then again, everything you wrote could have been facetious, and Im just coming accross like a sincere snob!

Aaron James said...

Nice, John.

I often find myself thanking GOD for caffeine, that makes the hearts of men glad.

I believe Raffi is now a lobbyist for wildlife in Washington or something like that. Go figure.

Pete the barista said...

ha ha! what about those who work at starbucks! what do we have instore...