Saturday, March 10, 2007

Live From Shreveport!!!!

I know you're all watching Tracie's blog for baby pictures and updates on my beautiful daugher Elia, so I thought I'd chime in and give you the random ramblings of my mind after days and days of walking the halls of Christus Schumpert St. Mary's Hospital. Yes, you got if folks, and I didn't spell that wrong!!!! This is a Catholic hospital, if that wasn't already obvious. I wanted so badly to walk up to a nun and decode the name, asking her if in English it meant "Christ Sherbert". Hey, Jesus is good and so is sherbet, so it's possible!

I saw a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Looks kind of like Mary to me. So I thought I'd make some changes. Got the sharpest object I could find, and quickly chiseled out "Our Lady of" and replaced it with "Queen". Now it says "Queen Fatima". Found some ivy shrubbery to make a cool do for her hair, found some bling, and applied it. Queen Fatima is rockin'.


Fashion in general amuses me. But after many hours spent in hospitals over the years alot of questions have been raised in my head about hospital fashion. Take scrubs for instance. There's all kinds of scrubs. The typical green, which are the most cool. Blue scrubs which are semi-cool, royal blue that is. Comic scrubs... these are the scrubs that mostly children's nurses wear with comic characters all over them, which makes them look like the target of a drive by graffiti incident.

The scrubs that take the cake for me, however, and I had never seen before, were the brown ones. The tops are typical, but the bottoms have pockets on the sides like cargo pants, and are tapered at the bottom like something from the 80's. Keep in mind again, it's all brown, the tops and the bottoms. So for you aspiring doctors or nurses out there, beware if you deviate from the safe green or royal blue scrubs, and find yourself venturing beyond the comic graffiti scrubs, to the brown ones, no matter how good brown may look on you, that is alot of earth tone folks, and you pretty much end up looking like a walking turd.

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Emily Mea said...

Just for the record - Christus Shumpert St. Mary was not always Christus Shumpert. When I was in the NICU - and up to a few years ago - it was just plain ole' Shumpert Hospital. Then the Sister's of Mercy (or something like that) took it over.

Yup that's right - I started my life in the same place that Elia is starting her's off in.

Now for something to ponder - what about pink scrubs?