Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Ready For Ya Now GBF!

Ok, most of you who know me know I am a skinny guy, thus GBF week can really do a number on me. I have to actually work at gaining weight so when that 3 day little monster sneaks up on me, well he can pretty much snap me likebaby carrot. I did however have a Holy Spirit encounter last GBF!

I was wearing an already loose pair of jeans on day 3, when I heard the spirit speaking."Go into one of the side rooms, pull your pants up higher and tighten your belt."

I ignored it. Hey, I was pacing and praying and I ain't got no time to tighten no stinkin' belt, and make myself look more white than I already am! Geez! I did however noticed my pants where riding lower than I had realized, but then again, I had not been eating for 3 days so I was all but seeing blue fairies by this point.

He spoke again, "Look John, if you don't want to listen to me that's your choice, but if while you are pacing, your pants fall down around your ankles and you trip and fall in front of God TV and everyone, well you can't say I did not warn you".

I repented, hocked 'em up and tightened the old belt. I looked like a red neck farmer going to a George Strait concert in a new pair of Wranglers! So why did I listen this time to the still small voice? Because of a young lady, I'll call Debbie, to protect her identity. I really don't know Debbie, but she seems really cool. What I do know is that one day on the mic instead of singing "My heart will sing your praise" she accidentally sang, "My fart will sing your praise" or something like that. As you could imagine, that baby was posted on the briefing room white boards so all could enjoy, at Debbie's expense might I add. She must be a good sport.

So anyway, when the Holy Spirit told me to pull 'em up, I immediately realized if I didn't and they did fall down; I would be #1 and Debbie would be #2 on the all time IHOP bloopers reel. It would be very hard to de-throne me after that one so I decided to let Debbie keep her title for now.


Tracie Loux said...


Emily Meagan said...

Tracie - It did work.

This entry reminds me of many fun mornings after the prayer room in our apartment. We thought that line deserved some mic time. (Well, maybe it didn't deserve some mic time, but we did think it sure would have been funny for it to get some mic time.) Thanks for the great laugh.

Josh said...

That's what I'm talkin about!!
So would you be obedient if He told you to wear your high school gym shorts with cowboy boots to your next set? Seriously, how much do you love Him, cause I think I have a word for you...

steve offutt said...

go hard J, go hard!

Anonymous said...

There's one more coming up... are you ready to face it?!?:)!!!

GBF watch out cause JOHN LOUX is ready:)!!

<3 Telma

Sunny said...

your post makes me wish i was in one of your classes.

hey i had an embarassing moment on the mic as well. i prayed that the fear of man would encounter Asian American youths...then i said "oops. sorry i mean the fear of God" i guess that still doesn't beat fart.