Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hospital Art

Walking into Christus Schumpert St. Mary's Hospital yesterday, this painting caught my eye. Mostly because, when walking past this quickly, you really feel like Jesus is waving to you. Not realizing that it was a painting at first, I waved back and said, "Hi Jesus"! I quickly snapped out of it and realized it was a piece of hospital art. Upon close inspection, I saw that this is the story of the men that lowered the lame man through the roof.... of their very Mexican looking hacienda. I mean, come on people, if you're going to paint a Biblical story let's at least get the shingles right. It was probably straw or mud, and not something Zorro could run across!

One more thing, and why does Jesus look like Eric Clapton?

1 comment:

Josh said...

For a moment there I thought Jesus was giving the "live long & prosper" gesture.