Saturday, February 17, 2007


Ok, I've hijacked John's blog!

It's me Tracie, the wife!

Here's the deal, if you think it's been way too long since JOHN LOUX has blogged, and you think he should be doing it way more often, COMMENT NOW, and give him some motivation to blog!

I'll go first:
Reason #1: JOHN LOUX, you are the funniest man I know, make us laugh please.
Reason #2: JOHN LOUX, you are one of the deepest thinkers I know, we want to know what you're thinking.


Will said...

HELLO YES!! I greatly enjoyed reading through this blog a while back - some of the best blogging ever. It was only too bad that it was only 14 posts long.

Make it longer John!!! ;D

(yes I know I appear out of nowhere)

summersetstudio said...

Tracy and I vote "yes" for more blogging.

Randy Bohlender said...

blog or i will blog for you...

Anonymous said...

Dear. Mr. John,
We regret to inform you that your bloging has been held off too long. Thus for the lack of coolness and other crap, we have taken it upon ourselves to donate all of your money, credit cards, Guitars, and Mr. Peavey to the "Really Awsome Stuff for Nick Incorporation." Remenber if you keep giving, we turn your funds into FUN!
The crap Nick wants:
1. A rocket launcher
2. A space ship
3. A big knife
4. Preferably sharp things
5. And other cool crap

Josh said...

Loux, you old fart, if you don't start bloggin I'm unna let my dogs loose on yer lawn.

I'm tired of layin my weary eyes on your no-new-posts blog.

chuck said...

Dude, blog..C'mon, you know you wanna....It is better than the alternative, Randy blogging for you. Ghost writers for blogs. What will we think of next?....

Anonymous said...
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The Offutts said...

Please...please...keep it coming. It's good stuff. And I totally understand about the pants thing. As Steve Offutt's wife (aka in the running for skinniest guy at ihop) it's all I can do to keep him fattened up on none fasting days,otherwise he might just turn into vapor.-Amanda

nathan wood said...

Jon, blog more often. I just visited your blog for the first time today and got a good laugh. Blogs that make people laugh are the best.