Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Hair and 10,000 People

This picture was taken by Jessica Gliserman at The Call in Cincinnati.

You'll notice 3 things.
1. There are a ton of people there.
2. That's Rod Parsley standing there pointing the microphone in front of me.
3. By the looks of my hair, it seems that I should be playing lead guitar for the "Little Rascals" rather than any worship band.
(and oh yeah, I'm very white)

Let me clarify folks. I arrived at the arena at 11AM and didn't play until 6:30PM; and not one of my friends, including my wife, told me that my hair looked like crap. My closest friends surrounded me: my family, the Bohlender's, and not even sweet Therese Engle- I thought she'd at least do that "mom" thing and lick her hand and smooth down my hair.

The sad thing about it is, I thought my hair was "rockin'" that day. It was finally getting to the length that I had had it a year or so before that I really liked- back then I was getting comments like, "Hey, you look like Keith Urban. " (of course back then I was tanning and working out)

Upon confronting my wife with this picture, she proceeded to tell me, "Honey, you have really thin hair and you're a tall, skinny man. When you have hair like that it only stays in place for like 30 minutes and then it flies all over the place."

My concern is, what else isn't she telling me? Like for instance:

"Oh yeah honey, I've been meaning to tell you, for the last two years, you've been walking around with your fly down."
"Hey you should've kept tanning, because you have freakishly, white pasty skin, and when you stand in front of 10,000 people with 200 lights blazing on you, it's a wonder anybody can focus. You've got that whole Goth thing going without any make up!"

After her comment about my hair, I have gotten it cut- quite short. Of course the only problem now, being a tall, skinny man with white pasty skin and thinning hair, is my increasingly large, shinny forehead.


Matthew said...

Aren't all legendary guitarists pale and fashion challenged? Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhoads... I mean, the parallels in your life and theirs are startling.

johnloux said...

You forgot to mention they all died in a plane crash- every single one!

Matthew said...

It wasn't so much "forgot to mention" as much as it was "sinisterly alluded." Besides, I'm pretty Sure Stevie died in a helicopter. Can something that cool even be in the same category?

Jessica G said...

Who would've thought I would cause so much trouble when I sent those pictures! =D

Honestly though, I thought your hair really didn't look any different than usual... and my family agrees.

johnloux said...

Great Jess,
So what you're pretty much saying is "Gee John ever since we've met you, your hair has looked like crap."


Tracie Loux said...

Just for the sake of clarity and so all of you don't run into me and think, "Wow, there's John Loux's wife, can you believe what she said about her husband."

THAT QUOTE IS NOT A DIRECT QUOTE, it is a highly exaggerate mis-quote.

Jennifer James said...

John- You have cool hair by default, just by being a Loux. If it looks bad, just tell people it's the new Loux style. Next thing you know, 50 Ihoppers will have the back sticking up funny, proudly smiling that they are fashionable.

Loux hair can not be over-ruled.

Mary said...

And since Tracie clarified, I'm gonna too. It was actually me who said it didn't look all that different than usual, not Jess. But she must have agreed. But I do like your new haircut, John. Really. The whole family agrees.