Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lose Your Balance and You'll Become a Psycho

I went on a ministry trip to Cincinnati with my brother and about 10 students from FMA. Now I've got to tell you, I absolutely hate packing. It takes me forever, and of course I have to iron everything because what if I stay in a place that has no iron? You can't just stand up in front of a bunch of people with wrinkly clothes. For that alone, I need serious counseling. For some reason on this trip for my pajamas I packed my flannel bottoms and oddly enough my superman t-shirt.

I'm not sure why I thought that wearing a superman t-shirt, being 38 years old, among 8 other guys in their 20's would be a good idea, but apparently I didn't think that one through. It is a cool super man t-shirt, it's kind of punk, and it's not cheesy at all, but never the less it's still a super man t-shirt.

Now let me set the stage for you, folks. Prior to this trip I had played 26 sets over the past 2 weeks, that's 52 hours of live playing, not including practices. To say the least, I was burnt out. My hands were hurting me, I hated the guitar, all things musical, and quite possibly the whole prayer movement. On top of it all, I hadn't had a whole lot of blue chair time, so my heart wasn't in the best place, and I was pretty much a wreck.

But I have learned my lesson. No longer will my life be that out of balance again, I swear it. The pinnacle of this reality came one evening on the trip. We were all staying in one house. All the guys were staying in the basement sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor. I put on my super man t-shirt, my flannel bottoms (suddenly feeling like I was 12 again), got in my sleeping bag, zipped it up, and went to sleep. However, sometime between 11:30Pm and 6:00Am, I had a dream. In this dream something was chasing me. I yelled out in my sleep (no one knows exactly what I said), and then proceeded to crawl out of my sleeping bag and crawl across the basement floor at a rapid pace. I found myself awake on my hands and knees at the foot of Kurt Weaver's sleeping bag in my superman t-shirt. "Awkward!"

Luckily, nobody woke up and I quickly crawled Back to my sleeping bag the same way I had left it, and hoped that when I awoke I would realize that it was all just a dream, the year was 1983, and I was in junior high again.


Jennifer said...

I fully support superman tshirts!

Glad no one woke up when you were crawling around. That would be hard to explain....

Sean The Red said...

You are lucky Kurto is so sleep deprived....

Thats hillarious. Dont make me steal your guitars.