Saturday, May 26, 2007

This Offends Me and I'm A Guy!

Ladies, would you actually buy a dress in a store called "The Dress Barn?" I find the name of this store very offensive, and I'm a guy. To me associating the word "barn" with anything to do with the female gender is walking on dangerous ground. For example, saying things like "Gee honey, you know I love you, even though you're as big as a barn", or something like "Of course I can hit you from here, you're as big as a barn". Or how about, "Honey, what a lovely new fragrance, what's it called 'Essence of Barn'?" Or "Wow, you got really embarrassed when I said that, you were as red as a barn!" See what I mean?

What do the dresses look like anyway? All I can see are very large floral printed dresses with poofy sleeves, or how about some sweet one piece denim home-school mom jumpers! If they had an athletic department, I'm seeing polyester culottes, talk about spontaneous combustion!
And nightgowns? Lots of baggy flannel folks!

So guys, if you're looking for a dress for you wife, bringing one home in a box labeled "The Dress Barn", may not improve your marriage!


Jennifer James said...

You clearly are a wise man. Women + barn= low self esteem and or very loud arguing. Either way, it's bad!

Tracie Loux said...

A wise man indeed... he knows better than to shop for me anywhere that "women my age" shop!

Joanna said...

So true!!! Oh my gosh.... obviously not a wise marketing team. I have been educating Tyler on the words that just don't work on us girls.

Ex: Use the word "tummy" instead of "belly".... "

Props to you!!!

Sunny said...

this is co-worker back in chicago actually worked there in order to get deals on the dresses there : ) hahahah so if you need to hookups you know who to call.

by the way....amy and i are making our own FMA promo video since everyone who is on last years are not are invited to be on it .