Monday, November 17, 2008

Bringing Aiden Home

I am writing to you to make you aware of a very urgent situation that has come up in our family. The little boy you see on this blog entry is named Aiden. Aiden is an orphan with down syndrome and a heart condition that lives in Eastern Europe. Aiden needs to be adopted into a family before he turns 4 years old or he will be institutionalized- this means he will pretty much be placed in a crib with iron bars , feed once a day and left alone. When he turns 16 he will be released into society to fend for himself. The tragic reality is that many of the orphans released when they are 16 end up being a victim of human trafficking. My wife and children and I have committed to bringing Aiden into our home and raising him as our son .

I remember the day I first saw a picture of him. I was in the prayer room and Tracie (my wife) called me in tears and told me that she had found the little boy that we were to adopt. We had adopted our daughter Elia just 19 month's earlier making her number four for us. We knew we would adopt again, but figured it would be in another year or two. Funny how things don't happen as you had planned. I rushed home and before she even pulled Aiden's picture up I knew I would be in trouble and that there would be no going back. That is exactly what happened. As soon I saw his precious little face, their was an ache in my heart for him that I can not even put into words. I have never felt so much emotion so quickly. Right then and there he was my son.

To be honest it scared me and it still does. I found myself "cutting deals" with God in my spirit. "Oh God please provide a way for us to get this little boy..." I promise I will do "this" or won't do "that" anymore etc.. The affection I have felt is both great and terrible. Great because I feel like he has been my son since he was born, and I will do anything for him. Terrible in the sense that if we somehow lose him, I don't know if I will survive. My heart is in this 150%. To be honest, I find much offense in my heart building towards God. I have found my inner man raising his fist and shouting "You did this to me, now you had better come through or I will never venture down this road again and you and I just may be done for good!" Scary huh? Sounds like someone needs to be "rooted and grounded in love " just a little more. So I'm learning to trust ..again. I have seen God come through on so many adoptions. My wife Tracie has been helping couples adopt over the last year and has seen many children placed in Christian homes, and we have seen God provide for every single one of them.

I know His heart is for this. So this big, mushy puddle of a daddy is asking friends, family and strangers to partner with us and help bring Aiden home. It's gonna cost around $20,000 - $25,000 by the time it's all said and done. God has brought in everything we have needed so far, and I am leaning into Him and trusting Him for the rest. I am now doing my part by making our need known and asking that you help us bring our son, Aiden home.

Please pass this blog along to family, friends or anyone who you think could help via prayer, financialy contributing or both.

Here is how you can donate:

1.Go to Tracie's BLOG
2.Donate through our PayPal Link (this is not tax deductible, but helps with our immediate financial obligations to the agency)

GIVE THROUGH REECES RAINBOW (this is tax deductible)
1. Go to the Reeces Rainbow Link

GIVE THROUGH OUR IHOP ACCOUNT (also tax deductible)
Checks Payable to IHOP-KC (not w/ our name anywhere on the check)
mail to:
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