Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm on to something ... or so I thought

I have been studying Revelation 6:17 and chapter 7, so I emailed my favorite end times expert KELSEY B to get her perspective on a few things.

Here's part of her response:
"It's interesting -- the KJV and NKJV say "His wrath", NASB and NIV say, "their wrath". When I look up the meaning of that word, it is typically singular, although can be plural (like "they", "themselves", etc.) Great thoughts on it though!.......


(So basically, Mrs. B was saying, "Nice try homeboy, you need to upgrade whatever version you're reading," In short, the little golden nugget I thought I had found was skewed a tad by the translation I was using.)



Yeah I figured maybe it was a translation issue on my part. I have the “JESUS LOVES ME PICTURE BIBLE” so it might not be a great translation for everything.
It’s a paraphrase, so pretty much the book of Revelation is summed up into the following one sentence with a picture of the world on fire... “It’s gonna suck, so get your crap together, but don’t worry, eventually it will pan out in the end ... hopefully. Oh yeah, and don’t change anything in this book or else it won’t, at least for you anyway “



Jennifer J said...

I often joke to Aaron (MY favorite end times specialist) that I know all I need to know about the end times, when they put an idol up in the temple and tell you to worship it, RUN. And take your Bible with you.

Sean The Red said...

John.... who really cares about eschatology?? I want to hear about your SWEET GUITAR!!!!

Corey said...

I almost fell off my bed laughing! That is hilarious... especially the "JESUS LOVES ME PICTURE BIBLE". Yea I have one too!