Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Things People Have Said to Me This Week

Have you ever had someone you know say something to you to encourage you or show that they care, but it ends up coming out all wrong?

Here are some random quotes from this week:

1. "Hey John, How are ya? Have you lost weight? You look skinnier than normal."
(to some of you that might be a compliment, but to a guy who has tried to bulk up all his life and get away from the whole Anorexic Gandhi vibe, it wasn't a huge confidence boost.)

2. This one came after I had just finished playing a set. "Hey, I really like what you play on the guitar. Well actually, what I meant to say was 'I like your moves', you move like a famous 70's rock star. Your guitar playing is good though."

I've actually gotten the "moves" compliment before. Someone told me once "Man you were just up there rockin'. You look just like John Mellencamp. That was cool, 'cause I like Mellencamp, but a 70's rock star??? All I could picture was Styx in glam band spandex.


Mike Wilday said...

I love it when I preach in church and the comments afterward are of this kind. "Wow, you know you've heard a good sermon when its over and you feel disturbed."

True story.

-Disturber of the brethren...

Aaron James said...

I feel your pain on the whole weight problem. I keep struggling to keep myself above 160. I lost 20 lbs during the 40 day fast.