Friday, August 10, 2007

Dear Randy,

Please come home from vacation soon. Since you've been gone, the Prayer Room has been remodeled. Again. The stage is now all white. Completely white. So white in fact that if you gave it another go as one of Marcus' backup singers, we'd only see your shirt, that is, as long as you weren't wearing a white shirt. I hope Eddie James is the new "Misty", cause he's the only one that's gonna look good on stage. Only this would mean that now Eddie is Jesus' favorite and not Misty, but only because Jesus can't see Misty on the webcast. One thing's for sure, when the rock falls through the roof, and lands on the stage, we'll know it. Hopefully it won't land on any white people cause we won't know who died.

The new drum cage is pretty cool. Or should I say "drum condo". Yes it's as big as a house. So big in fact, UPS delivers. And I think I saw someone deliver a casserole to Joel Sorge during a set!

Oh, yeah Lou just pulled into town and him and Mike are planning world domination. This is like watching a game of "Spiritual Risk" and we're the very coveted Australia.

Your Friend, John

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